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Huahui Energy has a complete range of lithium batteries, covering five major material systems: HTC lithium titanate, HFC lithium iron phosphate, HMC lithium manganate, HCC lithium cobalt oxide, and NSC ternary lithium. It has the characteristics of good safety, strong consistency, long cycle life and good discharge characteristics.
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Hunan Huahui New Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and has a history of 13 years. Hunan Huahui New Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enter prise specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of capacitive lithium-ion batteries.

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Hunan Huahui New Energy Co., Ltd.
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Brands : Huahui Energy

No. of Employees : 280~500

Annual Sales : 300million-500million

Year Established : 2009

Export p.c : 60% - 70%